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Ihre Zahnarztpraxis am Isartor München

Zwischen Gärtnerplatz und Lehel


ALFADENT. die Zahnmediziner

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Your dental practice at the Isartor munich

between Gärtnerplatz and Lehel

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich is located between Gärtnerplatz and Lehel. Both on foot and by car or the subway our practice can be reached easily. As it is very important to us to keep your appointment punktually, you can plan your visit exactly.

Your wishes and your health lie at our hearts!

A comprehensiv counseling interview is the basis of our treatment concept. Together with you your dentist develops a therapy concept that matches your wishes and expectations. To put this therapy concept into action, Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich offers you the whole spectrum of modern dentistry, an experienced, committed, friendly team and the most modern technology.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Cerec inlays, crowns, veneers

By means of the latest generation of the CEREC- device your dentist offers you the possibility to provide you within only one session with CEREC- shaped perfectly fitting ceramic- inlays and ceramic- crowns. Thus you save one appointment and wearing a temporary appliance.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Gnathology mandibular joint pain

Interfering teeth, missing teeth or a wrong bite, mostly unnoticed by the patient, can cause mandibular joint pain. By a functional analysis we find out the reason for your mandibular joint pain and then eliminate it before your masticatory system gets injured irreversibly.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Halitosis Bad breath

Bad breath should be taken seriously. It has consequences for your social life as for the health of your teeth and periodontium. By means of the halimeter and special diagnostic procedures we find out the cause of your bad breath and eliminate it professionally.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Parodontitis

Gingival inflammation nowadays counts to the most common problems in dentistry. A simple gingival inflammation, so called gingivitis, might develope into a serious widespread disease, the parodontitis. To give therapy to your gingivitis or parodontitis safely and permanently, early diagnosis is very important to us.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Implantology

Modern implantology enables your dentist to replace missing teeth secure and esthetically perfect by implant- supported crowns. Your dental practice at the Isartor Munich as well offers you the possibility, to fix your prosthesis stable and secure by only setting one, two or three implants.

Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich Orthodontics

Esthetic problems and tooth- malposition by modern orthodontics can easier be treated than by conventional orthodontics. At Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich we use for our orthodontic treatments invisible splints that have many advantages over conventional brackets.

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