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Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich CEREC

Tooth 34 already was provided with an esthetically perfect CEREC- inlay. Now crown 35 and the old amalgam- filling 36 will be replaced by a CEREC- crown and a CEREC- inlay- in only one session!

Inlays, veneers or crowns in only one session

The CEREC- system enables us to guaranty a perfect supply of your teeth in only one session, we go without an impression, you do not have to wear a temporary appliance.


The Cerec ceramic is the perfect material for your teeth as its caracteristics and its colour are very similar to the ones of natural enamel.


We prepare the tooth the regular way, then we take a 3-d-impression with a 3-d-camera. By this the Cerec computer creates a virtual model and a perfectly fitting inlay, crown or veneer, which then is drilled by the Cerec machine. After a polish the inlay, crown or veneer is ready to be inserted.


The precise fit, the long lasting durability and the bio compatibility of the Cerec ceramic were proved in research studies. In opposite to conventional metal supported constructions you will never see a dark area were the crown meets the gingiva and you will not suffer from temperature hypersensitivity. The risc of fracture of the Cerec ceramic is lower than the one of regular ceramic used in dental labs.


We are experienced in using the Cerec technique since 1999. We are using the most modern Cerec generation and software. To master the latest techniques and procedures we take part in continous medical education.

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