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Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich root canal treatment

Your root canal filling should not look like this! All three root canals are filled to shortly and thus insufficiently. The result is an extensive inflammation of the distal root.

root canal system

A healthy tooth contains a root canal system, that encloses a blood supply and nerve tissue, which enable the tooth to oppose penetrating bacteria. Is the nerv of a tooth irreversibly damaged or dead, a root canal treatment has to be executed.

It is the aim of a root canal treatment to eliminate both all organic tissue such as nerv tissue or bloodvessel and penetrated bacteria from the root canal system and then seal it bacteria-proof. To secure permanent success each step of the root canal treatment has to be executed exactly and lege artis. To execute an optimal root canal treatment Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich uses the modernest equipment such as a device for electro-metrical length measurement or magnifying spectacles with integrated light.

Exposition of the root canal accesses

At the beginning of the root canal treatment all root canals and their accesses must be found and exposed. That is difficult because, for example, a molar regularly has 3 root canals, but it might aswell have 2, 4 or 6. The accesses often are hidden and sometimes only the size of a fraction of a millimeter. Since a root canal treatment only can be successful when all root canals were found and treated correctly, we search by means of a magnifying spectacles with integrated light until we are a 100 percent sure that we have found all root canals and their accesses.


The length of each rootcanal down to its tip must be determined exactly. Since the success of each rootcanaltreatment depends on the exact rootcanalfilling, your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich attaches great importance to determinating the rootcanallength absolutely exactly. This only is possible with the electrometric determination system an a radiographical control.


It is the aim of the preparation to remove all organic tissue from the rootcanal and shape it to a form, that finally can be filled up bacteria- proof. In a rootcanaltreatment and especially in the preparation mistakes can be made, that might leed to failure of the whole treatment. One specialization of Your Dental Practice at the Isartor Munich is rootcanaltreatment, by state-of-the-art techniques and state-of-the-art equipment such as titaninstruments and torquecontrolled engines we ensure an optimal rootcanaltreatment.

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